What Do the 366 Days of 2012 Have Planned For You?

With 366 days ahead of you, will you begin this year like you have every other year or will you make 2012 the year that changed your life, health and prosperity?

Each year we write our lists of goals or resolutions, or create a dream board. How many year’s have come and gone and nothing has changed? Well it’s time to make this year the year of changes! If you make these “lists” post them somewhere you see them every day. Yes, every day! Read them every morning and every night. Why? Because if you change your mindset, you will change your life. After awhile you will begin to think they way you need to and succeed in crossing off those items as done!

Think back to when you were in grade school, learning to count. You would repeat the numbers over and over again until you remembered the order. Now it comes so naturally to you, doesn’t it? Just like riding a bike does once you learned how to. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Life if what we make of it! You can change the channel if you aren’t happen with the episode your life is in! Anyone can do anything they set their heart and mind to!

Live the life God intended for you.


Apartment for Rent – Keleti Károly Street, Budapest, Hungary

Keleti Károly Street – Budapest II. district

For scholars, teachers, business people:  single or a couple.

7 minutes walk to excellent public transportation options from Moszkva Tér & Széna Tér, close to Mammut shopping center.

Newly renovated apartment, beautifully furnished, on a quiet, residential, one-way street, with an English speaking very helpful neighbor.

Living room faces street with balcony, the bedroom (sleeps two) and a fully equipped kitchen faces the backyard.

1st floor

78 sqm

3 rooms

1 Large American Eat-in Kitchen with a dining table that can seat up to 12.

1.5 bathrooms

Monthly cleaning services included.

Telephone, Internet access and cable TV available.

Long Term Rental

Monthly:  $800.00 plus utilities

Short Term Rental

Weekly:  $250.00 utilities included

To view apartment call or more information call:

Ms. Piroska Nagy: 30, 363-9263, e-mail contact: piroska62@gmail.com

Live in the US, call:

Mrs. Katalin Nagy: 732-699-1483, e-mail contact: ktnagy@aol.com

for More info and Pictures Please visit: http://keletikaroly.wordpress.com

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I came across an amazing website that gave me free information of great value that led me to the creation of this blog as well as two other ones.  One is in regards to my travel business and the other one is for personal development.

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